Monday, March 24, 2008

Loving people, willing heart

Can you see what these little fingers are spelling?

Today Jodi and I had lunch with a lady here in town who is wanting to do Mannatech full-time as a business. She is a divorced single mom with one girl 12 years old. She has gone through a lot of hard times in the past few years, really through a lot of her life. It was a good visit. She is a really sweet lady. In the process of getting to know her I saw a wonderful sensitive heart. Along with telling others of Mannatech (as the products have helped her so much) she is wanting to help other people through difficult life situations, like she has gone through. I love that! It is so awesome to me to see people who have gone through pains, trials, struggles, and more come through them with a heart of thinking of others and wanting to help other people through the same or similar situations. So selfless, so giving and so God honoring! I thank God almighty for these type of people. I have met other people who have had a "rough life" only to be bitter resentful, depressed or mean. What does this do? It saddens me so much to see this happen. It made me look at my own life, what am I doing for others? Do I really have a heart to see the lives of other people blessed more then the life of myself? True my life has been very awesome, for the most part....but I still have had some pains and hurts. Am I willing to use my past pains and trials to help others, give them courage and to keep pressing on? There are so many hurting people out there, is my hand willing, is my heart longing, are my eyes seeking to find those who need love and compassion? In any and all trials I go through I must use it to deeper help, understand and love others...and yes get my mind off myself and onto Kingdom Work!! Praise God He can forgive, lead and guide us unworthy people for HIS GLORY!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kolten!

Another nephew had a birthday today....he's 14 years and he is one cool man! Happy birthday Kolten Anderson! Love ya

Monday, March 10, 2008

Memories and Birthdays

The sweetest man, the greatest "Grandpa Great", the giver of much, the friend to many, the husband to one, my dear little grandpa would have celebrated another birthday year with us here on earth two days ago. Although, we only have the memories, pictures and funny stories, as he is resting in peace with his wonderful wife, my sweet Little Grandma. How I do miss them both. I do realize we are so blessed to know we WILL see them again! We will see them with no pain in them, no worries and only joy! How wonderful that day will be, when Christ returns! Today is Grandma's birthday, and how I wish she could tell me some sweet story that I have never heard before (or perhaps a story that she has already told me many times before) I miss her voice! How time go's so quickly. I know though for my Aunts and Uncle (their children) these few days are very hard, I am praying for you all. Oh, cherish the memories and keep their love always alive, as I know you will! Christ does shine through lineage, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.....their legacy is awesome. God be praised! A memory of happy birthdays to you my beloved Grandparents! (Jodi did miss Grandpa on their day together) Till we meet again.