Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Blogspots!!!!!

Due to an overload of all our blogs on this one account we ran out of blogging power!! So, I have separated us all....sometimes it's the best for all. Don't worry we still have a bond...everyone has to use my laptop because they don't have their own.

Goldman Family music-








I can't decide on my new one......I have a problem with I have too many options ahhh

oh and a new one......

Are you calling me rediculous yet? I hope so because this is crazy. I may have a few more before you now it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Post of the Year 2009

I pray that your 2009 year is going Fabulous thus far...all 3 days of it. May our Lord bless you..all my friends this whole year. I pray He will guide and direct our family and I as we continue on with our time here on earth.

This year I have goals/hopes of - - more Goldman Family performances, our CD actually in our hands, Steve able to begin plumbing again, establishing our kids in their own Mannatech business, getting Jodi's and my business in better health...ha, reading a book a month, reading the Bible through fully this year, starting a '100% for a 100 days lifestyle change', and yes much more...but many of my goals are still being formed into the details. I don't mind if I takes me a few days after January 1st. to finish and start my goals of the year. So, for now, this will have to suffice.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Twin birthdays...huh...Just a few years apart!!!! HA Happy B-day Uncle John and Ellie!!

Uncle John.
What would I do without him. He has made my life and the lives of my children so much better! A Servant-- he is always willing to help others, fixing things that are broken, and teaching others how to fix it themselves. He serves in many ways like helping get a boy to Omnibus class so he wouldn't have to ride his bike on a hot day (Alex was thankful)! Encouraging --- uplifting a certain family (us Goldman's) telling them they have such great talent, and that he knows he will see them on the Branson stage someday (if they ever get their act together and send some promo stuff) Loving --- full of big hugs, kisses and tickles to all the girls!!!!! He even has some left for the many boys that love him too! Fun --- he is sure to make unforgetable memories and have fun with a truckload of kids up here in Oregon when he visits. He amazingly takes the time to go all out and spoil two 'old girls' who love it (Jodi and I). The list could on and on....but in short I LOVE YOU UNCLE JOHN! You are very special us all and especially to me! Have a happy next year.

'Funny' Niece Ellie
POP! Our secret hand shake! Oh, I love you soooo much! You have such a gift of joy and life! You could make a sour old lemon smile! That is amazing. You are a great encourger to others...hey, you share that with your birthday twin Uncle John! I am so proud of the girl you are becoming. A virtuous women of God. Your husband will be blessed foresure. Your wit, smile and love for others is so sweet! I love you and Happy birthday. P.S. Hurry home so we can Party...Oh yeah!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Belated Happy Birthday's!

We now have 3 seems crazy. Anna had her birthday a little while ago, Nov. 27th but ummm oops I did not post about it yet. So, yes it's another belated note's written with lots of love just the same.

Anna has been the perfect 1st born daughter to me! I can't imagine having to raise these kids without her... :) Really, she is a huge help. She is such a sweet girl. She loves to serve others and is so kind and gentle. Her love for purity, the Lord, honor for her daddy, and her desire to serve Jesus with her whole heart is outstanding!!! The older she gets the sweeter she is, and her faith is truly her own. It's humbling to have her as my daughter, I am blessed. She has been so diligent in her studies this year in school, I am so proud of her! She will be an amazing wife and mother only issue is that "someday" seems to be coming faster and faster, time is flying. Ha.

Mercy (my niece) had her birthday the same day as Anna.
Anyway, about Mercy!!! What a girl. It has been so wonderful teaching her at AGK school co-op this year and getting to know her even better. She is a sweetheart. She loves to help with Jeb, which is nice. She can talk faster then anyone in the world and still understandable. :) I love her tons. She does have the gift of Mercy with others, caring of others. She loves her Father in Heaven so much. She's outgoing and friendly to new people and she can make anyone feel at home and comfortable. It's a blast to watch her interact with poeple.

O.K. Esther (my niece) had her birthday on the 13th of this month, December. Late again I know. Esther and I have a special's awesome. She is so fun to be around, she's getting older fast but that's ok, she will always be my little Esther Pumpkin head, blueberry girl! (Inside joke) She is so much like her mom and yet so much like her dad...oh the best of two wonderful people. Smart, funny, serious and very quick witted. I am really excited about her voice! She can sing so beautifully!!! It has been amazing to see her talent in singing. She is very dear to me. She just needs to write and sing a song about me! HA HA

All three of you girls...I love you VERY much! May the Lord bless you this next year of your life. You mean a lot to me and I am blessed to have you all in my life.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Destiny!

Sweet as a rose! Fun as a toy! Smart as a genius! Funny as a tickle! Crafty as a fox!
MY NIECE Destiny had her 15th b-day today! I love her tons and tons!
It was great to be a part of Destiny's birthday today. First....Anna and I went to the mall with her and Jodi and we all had fun. Little shopping, little chocolate, little food, little laughing...oh yes! We could have spent a week together and not gotten bored or felt ready to stop. But, we could not do that so the quick trip had to suffice. :)
Second, this evening we had a great time going to a concert with all the kids. Do I reveal we (Jodi and I) took all our kids in her van? No, I won't say that. We met Liisa and her kids, it was awesome. The fetured artist was Francesca Battistelli. Great singer...and from Nashville I might add. :) I loved the others who opened for her. Logan and Jessica. (Check the younger generations blog to see more details...of names and stuff....I just loved their music.) It was great to have the Deems come too. God was gloified and His name praised tonight!

Destiny is an inspiration to the younger kids (older kids too). She is very talented. She loves God with all her heart. It's been amazing to see her talents flourish this past year! Her singing, her sewing, her drawing, her artsy-self has blossomed for sure!!!! I do just love the girl....I can't help it!!! She's so much like Jodi, yet so different, its cool.
To make this post even better, you should know...tomorrow we get to go and celebrate her birth some more at the ice skating rink...thanks to Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken. Stay tuned for more pics.

Happy Birthday Destiny I love you!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Come to find out.....

Alex just confided in me the other day that when I was pregnant with Jebediah he prayed every night that "this baby" (whomever it be) would love music like he does. Oh no....I think it worked! Jeb was born on Alex's birthday, looks just like Alex did as a baby, and Jebediah is a nut for music! It is crazy how some days will be so cranky and upset and yet the minute he hears a strum or a bow on the fiddle of music playing....he quits his fusing and follows the sound with a smile! Wow, does God answer prayer or what? Wait a minute....two Alex Goldman - music freaks - gotta hear music kids in one houseAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now I need prayers! HA! HA! HA! As seen in the pics...Jeb WAS cranky until Alex began to play..........instrument is unknow but music is a MUST!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Belated but still Beloved! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Girls

Kaylee my little niece is growing up quickly. Born on mom's birthday she turned two yesterday. She is a princess and a beautiful girl. I wish we could have been together for her birthday, but our loves and prayers are with you sweetie. Love you Kalee. I know you are going to enjoy your new little brother Ethan. Teach him to love Jesus and others like you do!

Mom, she is the one of the greatest gifts to us all! My mom has given, sacrificed, served, loved, and overcome so willingly her whole life! She loves dad and honors him with all her might. She loves the Lord and prays for her kids and grandkids often...very often I am sure! My mom encourages so much to us all, infact she believes in us more then I think she should...but we love it right (everyone). As I always say I hope to be as awesome as her someday! The older I get the more of a best friend she is to me....and she has always been my best friend. I love to be with her, just talking or driving, just learning for her is wonderful. Happy birthday are the BEST and I Love you MOST!

Liisa had her birthday a few days ago the 9th....ooops. Not that I forgot, just did not post yet, and she is worth a post! She is a wonderful sister-in-law and friend. She is supportive of her husband and stands by him in whatever he says or does. Liisa definitly loves her kids. Shes taught them well to Love the Lord. I am very blessed to have Liisa in my life, as well as in our family. Liisa cooks fabulous, cleans emaculate, cares tenderly, loves people with a pure heart of care. I love you sis! Happy belated B-day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Park Fun Yesterday

Mailee Lynn, Murren took this picture...very good huh.

Mailee and Murren

Mailee Lynn 8 yrs.old

Murren Elizabeth 8yrs. old

William John 5 yrs. old

Who is posing these crazy people?

William with those tough looking glasses, or is he the tough guy?

Murren and Mailee....get ready!

Mailee and Murren

Jebediah....I think this is the first time he has ever swung in a swing! He liked it.

Group shot! I had to run fast to get up there before the picture went off...scary for an old lady like me.

Jeb and Will best buddies!!!!

Murren, Will, Jeb and Mailee

Yesterday, after I dropped off the older kids at workman class, I surprised the little ones. I took them to the store, bought root beer and pretzels and went to the park. It was fun and they were very surprised. It's fun surprising kids. I had my camera....and as you can see I used it!! LOL It was very pretty out yesterday, and today its raining. Crazy deal.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Praise God baby Anderson is here!!!

9 lbs and a very handsome big brother (Troy) and his wonderful wife (Heather) have just had there 7th child! Everything went well, born at home and smothered with love! We are all very excited for the Anderson family! Congrats. We will be looking forward to seeing him, kissing him and finding out his name. Love you all

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Destiny and Jeb

Destiny Jane loves Jebediah Victor!! And Jebediah Victor loves Destiny Jane!!!

Don't Forget the Time Change

Fall back...Yes, set your clocks an hour back tonight! (O.K. everyone but the Arizona and Hawaii people). This is the best time change, because we gain an hour. After staying up late last night watching the awesome movie 'Martin Luther' honor of Reformation Day, I can use a little extra sleep :)

Ohhh and

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Oh we all love Emma!
Emma loves a whole lot too!
Like dogs, school and singing
Like talking all day through.
She's funny in a serious way,
She's pretty as can be.
Emma loves her dear Jesus
She love's her family!
Happy Birthday Emma
May this next year be the best
Filled with all the Father has in store
For you, and full of happiness.

Love ya, Can't wait till you do my hair really fancy.....OHHH Happy birthday Emma!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Travis!!

For his 2nd cousins birthday (that's Travis), William had a little something to give him....oh, but Travis was not William spent it! Bummer. HA!! Isn't it the "thought that counts"? Ummm maybe not completely. :)
Well, happy birthday anyway Travis. I am so proud of you and the work you do. It is nice that there are guys out there, trucking and hauling our STUFF for all us folks. My mom and dad have talked a lot about you, and the very good jobs you have done working for them. Great~ You have also been a loyal friend to me for all our growing up years. Playing cars, chess, video games, roller skating, rock climbing, dumpster diving and many miles worth of bike riding. Happy birthday you!

Looking forward to the B-day party tomorrow! Drive safe.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thoughts, Time with God

God has been dealing with me lately. Is He is a great God or what! When He wants to teach me something, He uses a million different ways to do it....could that be because I have a thick head, or I'm not listening good? Oh Lord help me! I am blessed He has called me and saved me, and wants to help me grow! This time it's good.....O.K. it's always good! I know He could hit me over the head each second, I have so much to learn. Slowly though He molds me and shapes me.

It started with a little jealousy again, ohhh yes, I have a big problem with that. (Confession time? No...just truth) In my agony I was reminded by Jodi and past prayers, God is my only comfort in this. I can not look to Steve for my assurance, true happiness. He is a man, sinner, and not God (God is only perfect). I love Steve so much, but he WILL fail me and if I look to him and not Christ he will not fulfill. I will end up sad, lonely, bitter and completely lost. Christ can fulfill my hearts desires, and only He can comfort completely. Have a close personal walk with Jesus! Daily read the Bible and pray to Him.

Then, we went and saw the movie "Fire Proof" if you have seen it you'll understand, if not you need to! God can help us, He is our strength.

Next we went to a bridal shower. Nathan and Colleen, wonderful Christian speech friends we know in Grants Pass. Anyway, an elderly lady shared at the shower and spoke the words...look to Christ not your husband for total fulfilment. You love your man, but he WILL fail you at some point, BUT Jesus will never fail you. Ahhh. I remember that I learned those thoughts many years ago. Study the Bible, have personal time with God. He is my best friend, my ever thought throughout my daily doings? Study the Word and Pray daily.

Then taking with Anna...she had an issue come up with friends/cousins and gossip. She was hurt and thought wrong was being thought and said of her. She joined in and as gossip works it grows very quickly. Again, friends/cousins will fail you, family will fail you....all are human and sinful! I told her....Honey look to Christ, study the Word, pray and He can fulfill your needs and comfort you in times of trouble.

OK, I know God you love me, I love you too thanks for the patience you show me. Thanks for reminding me over and over again when I fail to remember on my own. I know I need to show you in action as well as feelings my love for you. Reading Your Word and praying to you. I will study and pray and build our relationship stronger, Father help me. How exciting.

Just thought I would share this little bit of 'Tami learning' :)
God is Great and God is AWESOME!! Remember to study and pray and have the relationship with Him. I needed this reminder so much in my busy life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

We had a wonderful party for the Twins last night. They played awhile in the park, had the yummy cake and received tons of presents. After all that we headed over to the movie, "Fireproof". We (as always) took many rows in the theater....crazy! Mom ordered 10 large popcorn bags (one popcorn to every three people) the lady was a bit shocked....then when mom ordered 20 bottled waters the lady said, "Are you serious?" That was funny, and yes, mom was serious! Good news though, they gave us a crate to tote all the waters. :)
Thanks to all who came to the party and for the gifts.
I love you twins so much! We are very proud of what God is doing in your lives. Your doing so AWESOME in school and we are blessed by you both.

Pretty baby dolls from Grandma Dot...along with the new wardrobe of very cute clothes.

Before the party the big kids enjoy the playground too.

So many sweet cards and they love those kind words.

The long awaited Bibles. Mailee and Murren are constantly taking my Bible and reading it, they love to read the Bible in the morning with their daddy. So they were very excited to get there own! (I am happy too, now I can have mine back...HA) I even found a pink and a (we call it purple) one.

Devin and Collin....Boys, I know it's a big slide but YOU CAN DO IT!!
Swinging birthday girls.
Murren and Mailee 8 years old as of today!

They each secretly made a craft for eachother and....yep it was the same! That was pretty funny. Seeing as how the craft book of ideas is over 200 pages. They must be twins.....ummmm.
The girls have learned to tell Aunt Liisa got them real watches.