Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everyone Listen UP!!!!!!!!

Jeb has something to say.....Read his bib!!! :)

Jebediah is not the only one who loves Grandma Dot! I just wanted to take a moment to thank my wonderful mom, Jeb's Grandma Dot for all she does and has done for us. We are so very blessed to have the greatest most caring, loving and selfless Grandma for our children. I look around my bedroom here and am surrounded with things that she has bought for this little guy. (Although I know Grandpa has a lot to do with that too, he let's her, and is just a giving). Grandma Dot is also such great moral support to me too in many ways. She gives me constant calls to check up on me and Jeb and the rest of the family. She has watched the kids, bought them clothes and given them a good time a lot these past few days. Basically I have the greatest help, love and support anyone could ever ask for! I am so blessed! Jeb and I are in here and we have been talking....yep he agrees and he is soooooo glad he came into this world with this awesome family!

Thanks to all you gals....

Jodi -- Being the assisant midwife, calling me with love and support, being so happy for me and the family, your constant reminder of Jesus at all times, pointing me to Christ when life is good or bad, working your Mannatech tail off while I lay here and enjoy my baby, bringing me dinner, watching my kids and feeding them, and telling me that Jeb is perfect!!! Sorry I won't let you have him, I really can't share him :)

Liisa -- Being another assistant midwife (even if we never gave you the title I know you did the part), the yummy meals you gave us, watching the kids, best of all taking care of Jeb when I had to go to the hospital (you of ALL the people in the world I felt the most comfortable having you watching and keeping my little baby WARM and safe I know you are a pro at that!)

Anna -- Serving me and daddy, catching our Jeb, being a great help at the birth and after, making meals cleaning and being so sweet! You are going to be an AWESOME midwife, I love you honeybear.

Cassie -- Your smiles and joy during the birth....gave me joy, helping at the birth and after and yes of course cleaning the house and taking care of daddy and I, never complaining even when all the other kids where having fun at the cousins houses.

Karissa -- For taking video and pictures of the birth, taking care of Noah and Jeb, and being so sweet all the time! I am so glad you came!

Jennifer -- The GREATEST midwife we have had yet! I love you very much! It was such a comfort having you so calm and knowing you knew what to do next. We are so happy with all the choices you made, I really liked the way you and Jodi worked together, thanks for being our midwife!!!

AND Dad -- I love you so much, knowing you are around (even if you missed being here the actual birth), having you near is so important to me! I feel safe seeing your face when/if things get icky (bleeding or whatever), Thanks for the new Mannatech water bottle I am really loving that as well as all the products you and mom have given me and my family!!! For the foot treatment in the hospital, I love you most!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jebediah Victor - 1st Pictures

Daddy and Jeb, sweet kiss of joy!

Midwife and Mommy So happy to hold Jeb!

Grandpa Ken, is he telling him about MannaBears?? :)
Grandma Dot, holding her 30th grandchild!

Granny, I'm sure she's thinking of the new baby boy clothes she can sew!

God has been so gracious to our family and Jeb is here! We are all very excited about Jebediah! The birth was amazing, so quick and easy (well maybe not completely easy HA) Although we did have some complications with me and my bleeding, it was all worth it! God never left us nor forsook us. I felt in His hands at all times. I did have moments of fear, but with the help of my dear husband and family, reminding me back to Christ, I could rest in His peace. Our immediate prayer, of "let the bleeding stop" was not answered in our time but looking back we see how His hand was working in the whole thing. He had a plan and we were blessed to be a part of His plan. It feels great to hold the little guy in my arms. Well he seems little even though he weighed 9lbs. 4oz. Thanks for all the prayers for those who knew what was going on. We are all home and safe, and happy to have Jeb!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Update as of now. :) Baby coming

Well, I am standing here by my laptop trying to get this little baby out!! "Ouch, Ouch Charlie, Ouchhh" LOL (Quote from the sweetest video online, I have been quoting that a lot lately)

My water broke yesterday and the old contraction feelings have quickly come back to my mind. Oh the joy, the bliss....NOT HA! I am excited! God is so good to us to give us life and a little one that we can soon hold and love on! We have the names Jebidiah "Jeb" if it's a boy and Faith if it's a girl, middle names are still in the air. Probably middle name Victor for the boy and possibly
Victoriana for the girl.

Well, prayers are coveted if you read this.

Mom has all the children at the Jr. tournament right now. So it's pretty quite around here, just Steve, the midwife (Jennifer) and I. The kids have memorized more speeches and poems and duo's so I hate to miss it. But God knows best. Prayers for them too would be great. We are so very proud of them, what awesome kids, and we could never do it without Grandma's help! She went out last night and bought some new shoes, clothes and tights for the kids. If anything they will look great!! :) She loves to shop, did you know that! HA

Update soon Lord willing. My mom had a dream last night I had a boy, and the midwife dreamed it was a girl, so we will see who is right.....they were both sleeping in my living room on the couches last night. Anyway, it a baby we know that. More later.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Limo and movie stars

OK I have been delaying any pictures of me and my big belly, but this one is sneaking through!! How do you all like our new Limo? We thought we could all fit better and in style with this instead of the 15 pass. van! LOL I wish!

The kids were involved in a movie that a local home school friend did last year. Alex, Collin and Anna played music for the movie, and the twins and Cassie were "fill ins". At the premier they (The Arthur's) had a limo take all the kids in the movie to the church where they walked on the red carpet, and played the movie on a big screen.
Our family played music before the movie was played. After the movie Steve led everyone in some line dancing, it was fun. Now the kids are thinking of movie making, just another little thing to add to the family fun!! I do think they would do good at movie making, especially after all this speech stuff they are learning.
In whatever may God be glorified in these our kids lives, and in all they do!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Steve My Love's 40th Birthday

The great cake Grandma Dot bought! What fun....Steve was a wonderful sport in it all.

Great gifts to make him look good and.......

Funny gifts from friends......oh the Joy of 40 years old!!

We had a great party, thanks to all our family and friends! We did surprise him...though it was not easy, a few little slips but they got covered. The karaoke was so fun, some very good singers out there!