Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Meghann

Dear Sweet Meghann is 12 years old! Wow, a princess, a daughter of the King is growing up. Meghann you are such a joy to be around, so tender and sweet. I wish so much that we lived close to you but the times we are with you we LOVE it! I hope you have an awesome year. It is wonderful that your dream of having a horse came true, God is awesome! Keep your eyes on Him as you grow. I love you sweetheart!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Steps

We went to the park today and the kids played while Jodi, Liisa and I talked and then walked. Aside from realizing how totally out of shape I am and it being fairly hot it was a wonderful time. Jodi was filling us in on a sermon she had heard about depression. Most people are depressed because they don't do what they should do when it should be done. Amen to that for me. She said that mom's and preachers are most likely to get depressed because they don't have people watching and telling them what to do and when to do's all self government. Oh dear, bingo, to get up and clean the house, make dinner or whatever is tough when I feel like just sitting on the computer or reading a book. But I can change, I will overcome. Ever see the movie "What About Bob"? Ah yes, baby steps, baby steps when you seem to be overwhelmed. After Jodi told me some of this the day before yesterday I went in our laundry room and organized, I got rid of 3 trash bags of clothes and 3 trash bags of trash. One step at a time and I will get this house in order. No time to be depressed and complain, just get up and do what needs done. By God's grace only can I do this, the spirit is willing but my flesh is ohhhh very weak. Baby steps and in time the rewards will amaze me I know it. Depression has no place in this home. God reigns and He will guide lead and direct this mom.

Talk about Proverbs 31>>>

Cassie little sweet pea (as her daddy calls her) surprised me tonight! I was on the phone...totally important!! and next thing I knew Cassie had dinner all ready, plates, salad, main dish (thanks to the Deems and all) as well as the table set and ready!!!!! WOW I was so happy yes, she is the bomb when it comes to daughters!!! Next time thinking or even looking at Proverbs 31 think of Cassie!! At a Huge age of 10 she is the GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Cassie

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Joy of Twins

Mailee and Murren 7 yrs.

Having twins is better then my hopes of having twins were. They truly ARE a double blessing from Jesus Christ and I love them so much! Some people see the girls, 'twins' and think it would be so hard or that they could never handle their child if there were two of them....well in most cases that is true, I could not handle their child if there was just one! Ahhh the joys of the rod, no the blessing of the rod of correction. Anyway, back on point. The twins are fun as can be! Sure the girls have their moments (just ask Vickie) but they really do love each other in a unique way. Jodi and I have decided that we are twins, just born 14 months apart (we so many times have the same thoughts).
Yesterday after Mailee and Murren woke up and had took out the braids that I had in their hair the night before....Mailee looked at Murren and said "oh our hair is all poofy and frizzy from the braids." Ha. Murren looked at her to see what her own hair would look like! "Oh cool." said Murren. Funny girls! No need for a mirror I guess. Now, as you might see in the pictures I have had Mailee grow out her bangs long and have keep Murrens trimmed up, so a little difference.
I don't know...I saw these pictures and just felt like sharing some of my thoughts with the blog world on my little twins :) God is so awesome to give me all 8 of my wonderful children but today a little twin talk was in order!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin, I am very proud of you buddy, you are growing up into a godly young man. It is always fun hearing what my kids will tell us at the dinner table that you said..."Devin said this, and Devin said that." It's crazy, you really make an impression. :) You are a so good at giving back massages, your very strong. I am excited to see what you will do this coming year with chess, speech and Mannatech. I know you will do great! Love you Devin. It was a fun birthday party this evening.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blessing #32 For the AGK Clan

Jodi is pregnant!!!!!!!!!
Praise God another child grows within my sisters womb, a miracle, a joy a precious little baby and I am sooooo excited for her and the whole Kruse family! Jodi always wanted 84 children when we were small, then as she grew a little and it went all the way down to only 12 HA. Though she has voiced an opinion of wanting 14, 15, or whatever she could have since, 12 still is a lot! Anyway, God has put a strong desire in her and now she is blessed with carrying #9 baby for their family. It is a wonderful thing having babies, though we all know with them comes responsibilities and sometimes trials. I just pray that in this pregnancy God's blessings would abundantly flow! She is always so faithful to follow Christ, such and example to me of loving God and seeking His will. (I think I would die without her!!!!) Anyway, I know my sisters situation is not perfect, financially, (well whose money is ever perfect), but this is a blessing and I pray that she can enjoy this next 8 months. She has been so amazing with her diligence to stick to low-glycemic foods and exercise. This is going to be one healthy pregnancy!
My prayers are with you Jodi and Hugh and all you Kruses. Love you all and congrats.....

Above is just a cute picture of Jeb. He is growing so fast! 7 weeks already! Wow! He smiles and is so lovable! Although my one complaint is he is growing and getting big WAYYYY too fast! Well, I am enjoying every minute now. I love him! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary ~~~ Happy Fathers Day

A fun little picture from PSP (Karissa was showing me some new stuff her and Destiny are good at it).
Mom and Dad your the greatest parents and have been the best example of love and a loving forever marriage!!!

Happy Fathers Day to my AWESOME Dad!! You have always given so much to me! I love you Most!

Happy Fathers Day to my loving husband. I am so blessed to have you as the father of our children. I love you sweetheart.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Travis and Aunt Vickie visit

Looking in the old chicken it's the girls playhouse.

The Goldman's with cousin Travis. They were playing basketball with the huge basketball that Grandma Dot got for Will on his birthday, but they stopped for a picture for me. They are so cute!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blessed by Friends! ~~~ esp. Carla Deems

For Jeb's Baby shower gift my loving and sweet giving friend Carla Deems bought us fixen's for 30 meals....yes you read it right 30 meals!!! What a blessing it has been! The results are as the pictures you will see my point! :) YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!
Jodi, and her kids, Liisa and her kids and Carla and her kids worked all day to do this for our family! WOW talk about a gift!!! Just wanted to let the blogspot world know we eat well! The boys in the family were kept happy while I was down after Jeb was born. I could not get up much less make any food. It's the pot pie that gets these guys every time!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth

Yesterday was Seth's birthday, our 6 year old nephew way up in Washington! Although we talked to him and enjoyed his little laugh and "phone smiles" we wanted to say happy birthday in the blog world.
Happy birthday handsome....God bless you Seth

Sunday, June 1, 2008

God is Great!!

God has been so kind to me through the love of friends and family.

Carla Deems planned a baby shower, and opened her beautiful home for Jeb and I. Mom bought tons of stuff, decorations and more gifts. Liisa made scrumptious food and Kaila made a beautiful cake. Oh it was so fun. Seeing all my friends was wonderful, and the gifts for Jeb were very nice, there was a lot of them and they were so AWESOME. We played some crazy games and it was very nice. I love being with friends! Call me a party girl I guess!

Last night Liisa and Kenny had us over for Sabbath Dinner. It was great! Liisa is a great cook, Kaila and Karissa I know did a lot too. Esther and Ellie made yummy cookies! The fellowship was great and the kids had a blast making a movie outside in the dark. That should be a good one! I love talking and listening to Katrina she is so funny! What a little doll!! When Kenny called to invite us over I was so happy, it is fun to be loved and invited over to dinner. That's something I have to keep in mind, to invite others (I thought to myself).

We have been going to the Growers Market again, and that has been wonderful. I love playing with my kids. They are so good! It is amazing to be a part of blessing others and enjoying it at the same time. (Well last year we have our moments but the kids are getting older, wiser and overcoming awesome! And Steve and I are maybe a little better God's grace). Alex suggested we pray not only before the market that God would bless the music and our family, but now pray after the market for all those people who willing gave of their money to our family. That was a good idea!!

God is opening doors for work with Steve too (a few jobs on the line). Not $1,000.00's of dollars falling from heaven yet but He always provides! We are always fed and always have a roof over our head!

Jodi has been so amazing in our Mannatech business too. What an example to me, ahh I love my business parter and my big sister. She has been having weekly meetings and then last Thursday a P.J. party. We watched the awesome movie Facing the Giants. I cried through most of it, it was great! Mom and Dad have been so giving to us in helping us keep focused and moving ahead with Mannatech.

God is great, and other people are wonderful to us! On this Sabbath I just wanted to acknowledge and Praise God for all His blessings!!! This is just a little of what is happening in our lives! I know He is working in our life too, He is Awesome!!!! Have a great Sunday!

I could go on and on I guess with blessings, but I better not, I need to do something around the house! :)