Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HA! Silly me....living in the header past

OK it was my older header that I had the words... 'Wives, Mothers and Business Developers' on it! HA! Well, you will know what I am talking about when you read the next post! I must need to take more of those awesome products !!!

Business Developers?

I was thinking last night I have on my header, "...Business Developers " but I never really talk about that. In Proverbs 31 the woman was a woman who did make money, she bought and sold land and clothed her family in purple. After seeing this, a few years back Jodi and I decided to do the same....well sort of. We thought let's make a little extra money and have some to spend on fun stuff for the family. God truly blessed us with a great Mannatech business. We never could have done any of it alone. Mom and dad worked with us so much, it was amazing what came of the hours we put in. We also were blessed to later go to many of business learning seminars by Dani Johnson. In these travels, we got to go many places and meet with many people in our business. We also always had a blast with Mom, dad and Troy after the work was done. It was so wonderful to learn all we did, even spiritually at the meetings. God let us have two years of freedom to have our husbands home (not gone working for hours and hours) and pursue our music. We still are blessed with money that comes in, years after the initial work. Jodi and I are trying to find the balance between work, family, and all that. I think it sometimes gets sticky....women working, losing sight of the whole picture...though I know it is OK to make money too. I know it can be done (balancing it all) , and I really know I need to work a lot harder then I have lately, but it is an awesome blessing to still receive the products and have extra each month! Again like I said before, mom and dad have really helped us out in the business training us and coaching us and with their example of always helping others!! Mom does the business end amazing, working the numbers and making it happen for tons of people each month! Dad knows everything and anything you can think of on the health. He helps people all the time!
Anyway, that is why that Business Developers is on the header. :) It is a treat to have the time and the cash to do a little extra, as well as help people in their health and finances. Below I posted a few pictures that I found on my PC.

This little boy Brandon has Downs, his parents love the products and have seen such differences with him on them. His big brother is there with him, the Glyco-Bear is a favorite Mannatech product for kids (and yes us adults too) :)

Guess who was the lucky one to be the Glyco-Bear in the suit! That was fun!!

Some of the God given products that Mannatech has. I have nooooo idea what I ever did before we were introduced to these products. They are the BEST!! I know I would never want to be without them again!!

One of our business meetings, Jodi, me, Troy, mom and dad. Waiting out in the hallway.

The two extras are wonderful people, Kevin and Bonnie Hurley. They have really built their business too. They are on our team. Kevin has helped so many people with their health, and they have won many cruises with Mannatech! We are so blessed to have them on our team!

Told you we had fun too! This was in Washington DC. Mom and dad would take us around sometimes after the seminars in a limo to see the sights! A weird angle but it was cold and fun.

Another in DC

A shot in the limo. That is always fun to ride in!!! Thanks mom and Dad, you still spoil your kids! I love it!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanks To Mom and Dad!

The cool looking and yummy cake!

Murren and Abigail made this with the new glow sticks Jared got. He made it into a ball that was really neat when spinning...but girls are a little different. :)

Will and Katrina playing with the tractors and Trucks that were on Jared's cake.

Jared's new bike! From Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken. Hugh really liked the color...some NASCAR race car guy's color.

Kaila, Karissa and Emma. When I took this I said I don't there has ever been a picture with you three together before. HA They are all so beautiful! And enjoying the good food at the party.

Aunt Vickie doing great things for Destiny on her laptop! Don't ask what!!! HA She is always helping the kids out with stuff....such a servant and giver.

Collin and David playing chess....as always there is a chess game going on when we are together! Will is learning all the good moves!

Jared had a great surprise birthday party yesterday! Mom, called in the morning and said, "Let's have a party for Jared". I am so glad we did, he is such a sweet boy. Always smiling and happy. Anyway, those are some random shots from the party. He loved everything he got, and had fun playing with his cousins. What would life be without Grandma and Grandpa (my mom and dad) alwyas giving and taking extra special care of the grandkids and their own kids too? I know it would be awful... . We are blessed beyond measure with Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going For Walks and More Thoughts

We have been going for walks lately. It is important that I get myself moving (Plus the midwife reminded me to keep moving too). The mind is willing but the flesh is so weak! No, it's been fun, and it's good to keep active and a going before the baby comes. I don't want to be totally out of shape come the end of April. The baby is getting bigger and moving so much! I love to watch my belly move all around and just imagine what this child will be like. A boy or Girl...hmmmm. No hope anymore for twins, bummer. Well, Kenny won't call me a "freak of nature" this time at least! HA!
Anyway, it's so nice to enjoy the children when we go on walks. They are all so different, even just going for a walk. What a blessing children are to us. And having 7 children makes for many blessings!! As well as a lot of FUN! Here are just some random pictures that were taken on our walk.

Thanks to Alex Murren made it up that big tree. Will is just about big enough to get up there on his own....what do you think! :)

Collin likes to take some strange roads. He wears his rubber boots and knows how to use them!

Little Will on a big walk...he does good. Sometimes he can talk Alex or Steve into carrying him on their shoulders.
I thought this was sort of neat. It's Steve, Collin and I. The giant shadows... :)

Traveling down the road. Anna took the picture, that's why you can't see her.

Made it to the mailbox, so time for a quick group shot!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stack Em'

I have heard of cup stacking but child stacking is a new one!! HA
Anna, Cassie, Mailee, Murren and William.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared!!

Happy Birthday Nephew Jared! You are such a sweetie! I hope you have a wonderful day today. God bless you and I pray you will grow more in God's love and knowledge this 7th year of your life. Love you tons!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Martin Luther Quote

I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess.
Martin Luther

This is a great quote! Oh, the peace and joy putting all in His hands, not worrying about my grip on my things in my life. God has it all, in Him I find peace, for the future!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thoughts on Obedience and Willingness

Abraham and Issac.

I was reading in Genesis this morning. The story of Abraham called by God to sacrifice Isaac, then Isaac willing and ready to obey. Then God stops Abraham and has the ram caught in the bushes so Isaac is not needed to be killed. Later Abraham's servant is to find a wife for Isaac, and he finds Rebecka at the well. Before he sees her his plea to God was he would ask a young lady to give him a drink from the well and she would offer to feed his camels also, then he would know it was the lady God wants for Isaac to wed.
In the reading I was struck of the sacrifice they were going to make and the willingness to go above and beyond. I am humbled and encouraged to apply this to my own life. When asked to do something, that I think is hard or difficult by God, do I as Abraham and Isaac obey no matter the cost? When I do obey as Rebecka, to give water do I want to willing do more, go beyond what was asked to bless others (all the thirsty camels too)? These were my thoughts this morning. My prayer is that I will say yes, though I know I have failed, my hope is to change and willingly sacrifice as God would call me to and willingly go above and beyond what I am asked.

Last night we had our Womens Bible study and I KNOW this is the first area that I must work on this. With my husband, if there be a sacrifice I must be willing to obey (knowing God will be there to help me). And when I am obeying my dear husband, doing it willingly and going above to honor my husband as Rebecka did for Abraham's servant. The blessing of obedience and willingness are awesome. Father help my to follow your Word and leading! Today is new day and His mercies are new every morning! How exciting it is to be in God's arms!

Rebekah at the well with Abraham's servant

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Grandpa Ken's B-day

Grandpa Ken is in the midst of all those kids! He looks as young as them! But he did just turn 62. We had a wresting birthday party for him. We had homemade soups, caesar salad, rainbow salad deviled eggs, tea and wine. We also had Steve famous homemade ice-cream! He made vanilla and chocolate mint. It was awesome

Alex getting ready to learn some stuff on wrestling. Grandpa still is amazing at the sport.

Levi and Jared in the action! They did really good. We were all sure it was a good thing Grandma Dot was out of town, she would not have enjoyed it much...stressful :) But we did miss her tons. It's just not the same without her.
Collin and Kolten getting ready to start.

We also had some headstands going on. This is Murren, we had Grandpa, Kenny and most of the other kids on their heads too. It was fun! It was funny!
Grandpa is an awesome Grandpa to these kids, they all love him so much!!
More pics to come and maybe some video's too.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad and Anna Below is dad's Bible on the outside

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Dad in the World! This is an awesome day today because it was the day that Ken Anderson was born! Yeah, the sweetest man alive. He is always serving others, helping others, loving others, talking to others, and loving on his Grandkids. They all know that he loves them and would do anything for them. He works night and day helping others or talking on the phone to help others in their health. He never gets tired of sitting at his computer and sending emails that would benefit people. Whether he is going to make money or not he will spend hours with someone, just to help. People all over the whole world are blessed because my dad is here (and that is true....Mannatech is in many countries and he has helped tons of people in all those countries.) Dad loves his wife with an everlasting love. He loves his kids and has always believed in them....even when we messed up he was there to say it's OK just don't make the same mistake twice. Dad's full of wonderful, new and sometimes a little strange ideas, he never stops thinking or inventing. Ask him anything and he will have a file on the subject...that's always been funny to me. I love my dad sooooo much, can you tell. I could go on and on and on but there is to much to say. Oh and yes he loves Pit Bulls, and Kaila's dog Phineas is his favorite, he is so funny with that dog.
And the Bible (picture of the inside) in the former post was his Bible. It is very well used, and I mean very well, there is tape holding it together. Not only does he read and study the Bible he lives what he believes.
I love him so much! I love you dad so much! Happy Birthday

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Best Friends!!

This picture was taken on New Years. I just love these two wonderful ladies! My mom and my sister! I don't know what I would do without them both. Just wanted to say that!!! :) Happy New Year to all!