Monday, December 31, 2007

Video after church

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who's Bible?

Who can guess who's Bible this is?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle John!!

Time for a BIG CHEERS!!!!! It's a double Blessed-- double Super -- double Wonderful double Great -- Day today!! It's Uncle John's Birthday (as well as Ellie's)!! WOW can you believe it? This is a great day!! Happy Birthday Uncle John!
Uncle John has really been a big part of our lives (these past few years)! He is so Awesome! He has taken so much time to do things and serve others it's amazing! He has sent and done so many things for us movies, made movies for us of family gatherings, calls to wish happy birthday's to each and every kid, calls just to say he cares and loves us, writes letters to the kids, and sends them the stamp so they can get their letters they write him back to him, teaches the kids tennis, pays such attention to whatever is on their mind, encourages us in our music, all the girls are sure they are his favorite! Wow, much more I know....he is absolutely GREAT, Yep Great Uncle John!
We love you and hope you had a great birthday, wish we could have been there to give you the birthday spankings you need....ohhh... HA!
Cheers! Take care of him all you family down there in Arizona! :)

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

Ellie and Elvis!!
Whenever I think of Ellie, I always smile! She is such an example of joy, and kindness to all! God has been so good to us to give us her, what a blessing. She can make the funniest face's and say the very craziest things. I love the way she loving yet very concerned with the feelings of others. She is amazing at chess, and that means she has won the heart of my dear husband! :) He loves playing her. And when she wins it's so cute, "oh", she says, "You did really good, you were hard to play, ect... your so good. " She doesn't want anyone to be sad. Very sweet! So all in all I am sooooooo very happy to have Ellie as my niece. I love you Ellie! Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The early morning Cuties

I love the morning look don't you!! Mom got some new clothes for the girls and they love them. Cassie was soooo happy there was penguins on her clothes!! Could it get any better for Cassie...nope!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Praise God for my Christian Godly Loving Older Brothers

Last night I finished reading a book written back in the 1800's, 'Jessie Wells'. It was not a real big book but it was wonderful! The story line is about a young girl who is a Christian in a family that is not. She learns that her example is what the family sees, and that was is most important. She has many struggles with overcoming self and loving, being the Christian that God wants of her. She is encouraged to pray for her older brother and really desire to see him come to know the Lord. He is continually going to the bars at night and coming home drunk, a shame to the family especially the father. Through it all she is faithful to love her older brother, pray for him, and begins to truly desire his company more than the other friends she had. It was beautiful to see the change a younger sister could have on her older brother, which she thought would never make a difference. If you read Jodi's last posts, I think they were right on! We must encourage our young daughters, as well as us as mom's to never give up on our loved ones. They must come to know the Lord, to have salvation and eternal life. By Him all things are possible, we have our part to pray weep and wail and be there in love and encouragement to the unbelievers that they may find Christ Jesus!
All this to say I am so very blessed and thankful that I have such Awesome, godly and Christian brothers! Troy and Kenny have both been examples to me all growing up and have always been kind and gentle to both Jodi and I. I feel so blessed what I have grown up with, especially since many young ladies grow up with brothers that are ungodly rude and even dangerous to their sisters and or family.
Praise God that our young men, my sons and nephews are such godly men as well. I pray they would see the importance of loving and protecting their sisters as my brothers did! Young ladies be the virtuous women God desires of you and honor your brother and and listen to them, no matter if they be older or younger; treat them as important men in your life and they will more then likely act like one.
Another very important note is my brothers learned by example from our dad. He was EXCELLENT and absolutely amazing!!! I love him tons!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Loving Father and Earthly Angels

Where do I begin? I fear this post will makes Jodi's post's look like quick short notes...:) Oh my the overwhelming feeling that I have right now!
Things have been tight for us financially, which is fine, but then things just started to unravel all together. At least that is the way I was viewing it. I was trying to ignore the little things, but they all seemed to build up. I kept trying to keep going, keep reading the Bible, keep praying. I would ask Jodi why, why are we doing this. It was always something different. School, housework, being a good wife, Mannatech, loving others, housework, cars breaking down, the kids, honoring Steve, housework, lack of food, lack of order, housework....well you get the picture. Can you see the one I struggle with the most :) Anyway, I see now how blessed I am and I was. In all my selfish fog I could not see I WAS being blessed over and over again but I could not see it. How often these blessing would happen...Mom and dad would give us money for food, or to go out to eat. They would get the kids and us clothes and give us tons of Mannatech products. Granny (Steve's mom) helping with bills sewing new clothes or mending torn ones. Jodi continually encouraging me, don't give up, we are blessed. Kenny preaching all the amazing sermons he preaches. Steve working and trying so hard to provide for his family, helping out around the house and loving me so kindly. Vickie teaching the kids and giving them such joy. All my nieces and nephews always so loving and kind. Loving comments by my family on my blog. And my ever growing baby! Now kicking and moving so much. So many blessings I can't believe it!
But no, I could not see it. I was so focused on my little problems I could not see the amazing angles that were all around me.
Well, yesterday I could take it no more. I was a brat, a grouch and I feel terrible to say not nice to my sweet children. After trying to take a nap (and the kids coming in and waking me up for the third time) I came out in a huff. I would have drove away....but all three cars we have were all broken and not running. Is God good or what, well He's funny. Really I would not have drove away but the thought sounded good. Guess this sounds like a confession, but really it is a huge praise report!!!! Anyway, as I was saying when I came out of my room the phone rang and it was Jodi. She said, "how are you doing? " The tears came! I tried to cover it up, but she knew. She said "I knew it! I knew you were having a hard time today!" Oh I love my sister! We talked for while and she prayed with me. It was awesome. Then Granny came over with more sewing stuff she made for the girls and some shirts for the boys. Blessed again! Mom called and just wanted to say she loved me and check on me! Oh my what love!! The tears came again but I had to act tough again. After Granny left Steve had to go to town so I asked if I could go. He took me! Sweetie. I knew I had to repent to him. I had a lot of talking to do. We went to town. After a call I had to be on (which again God used to speak to me, "never give up". It was said...Winner's never quit and quitters never win!) Steve and I talked and it was awesome. Steve told me how all this struggle had been teaching him to rely on Christ. To find joy in trials, to trust that HE Christ Jesus is the one in control. We are to work with all our heart and know that He will reward. Sometimes it may not be a big sum of money, but the joy of doing the job well and right is the best reward. It was wonderful. He said it a lot better but you get the picture. Before we came home we had to go to mom's house and there we were met with Hugh and Jodi, Full of smiles and encouraging words, and some money for us. Wow, we could pay some needed bills. :)
So I came home, yes better, but it was still a struggle. I gave forced smiles but I was trying harder. Then today the Angles came and overwhelmed me! There was no hope for stupid me anymore!
Jodi, Liisa, Mom, Kaila, Karissa, Destiny, David, and Devin came over to clean my house. Mom, David and Collin took tons of my stinky laundry to the laundry mat. And all that while I was out with Granny who came to capture me and take me somewhere that was "a secret". To the grocery store!! She filled up two baskets full of food for us! My refrigerator is full, my house is clean, my mind is in a whirlwind! Oh then Mom took us all out for dinner, and Liisa gave me this beautiful card with words of love and a check. Ok the tears were still coming but this time they were of joy, humility and love! God is soooooo amazing! I can't believe I ever doubt what might happen. Why do I ever question if it's all worth it? It is! It is! How I love my family, how I love my Heavenly Father! Thank you Lord for your blessings! I am humbled by the angels that surround me. I want to pay everyone back, but how could I ever do that? I wish I knew, I love them all so much! Thank you everyone! The Goldman Family is in awe tonight. We are blessed beyond words! This is a Sabbath night to remember. Thanks!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Esther's 10

Well, Esther turned 10yrs. old, but NO, she is not old enough to get married! HA Esther Hope is such a wonderful niece! Such a great cousin to the kids and everyone loves her tons! I have been so blessed to do some schooling with Esther, before when we all did school together, and now in the writing class. Esther is so very smart, and always does her best! Her brains must come from her mother!! Oh know that is her looks must come from her mother. Oh wait, what comes from her daddy? I submit her happy smile, funny ways and quick wit. OK both her mother and her daddy have handed down plenty. She is perfect!

Esther I love you so very much! You know you are my....fav....oops can't say that! :) God has given you so much and I know you will love Him more and more as you get older. Keep being the virtuous young lady you are. Your gentleness is a beautiful quality. Continue to love God Almighty with all your heart, and remember I am your favorite Aunt!! :) P.S. Sorry this is late, but I love you just the same!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

3 Year old painter