Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

Alex and David
(after Casting Crowns concert in Medford, Oregon)

David, you have been a great cousin, friend and nephew to us all. Well, you have never been a cousin to me or a nephew to your cousins but you have been a great friend to all!!!
16 years old today...WOW
It is so amazing to see the hand of God working in your life. You have matured leaps and bounds this past year. Speaking of leaps, it is very impressive the way you can jump so high...(side note there). Anyway, I am honored to have you as an example for my boys. You are so fun to talk to, and I love your posts on your blog. My kids all look up to you very much. Thanks for being such a godly young man in such a wicked world. I know it is not always easy to do what is right but stay the course on the straight and narrow and seek Christ. We are all looking forward to what you are going to do this year in speech, chess, piano, Omnibus, and whatever else you decide to amaze us with this year.
Fore sure keep up that beautiful piano playing that you do...You are AWESOME at it!!!
I love very much...Happy Birthday
Aunt Tami...and Family

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HAppy Birthday Jonathan!

Well another birthday.....Will's buddy (and cousin) Jonathan turned 4 years old yesterday! Wow, how time moves so quickly! We bought Jonathan this a round about way (thanks to Grandma Dot for finding it!!) He got lots of nice clothes, a toy box, drawing stuff, two MannaBars and more. He is loved by everyone for sure! It is so fun talking with Jonathan, he is so expressive and animated. He is an awesome boy, a real man in the making! I know God has His hand on this child and it is so fun to watch. He can make anyone laugh and smile!
Happy Birthday Jonathan we love you very much!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Karissa!

Kaila and Karissa
( I can't find a single picture of Karissa)

Yesterday was Karissa's birthday "ahhhh" Sweet 16! What an awesome girl Karissa is to everyone. She is the extreme sweet in sweet 16! It has been such a blessing watching her grow up. She is so creative, she makes crafts great and with such perfection. It's always fun to have a birthday cause she will makes something very awesome sewing, molding painting, card ect.. She's a true servant and a genuine friend. She never pushes her desires or herself over others, she is always kind and loving to everyone. Oh yes and she is very FUN she is as good at playing cards and playing games as she is at her crafts. I love you my niece Karissa SO much! Happy Be-lated Birthday I pray you will continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ and His Word this year. May your spirit be filled with more of Him. God bless you Karissa