Thursday, September 27, 2007

Twins Birthday!!! 7 years old

Today is Mailee and Murrren's birthday! Wow, my little girls are 7 years old. It is so hard to believe.

Mailee is so good at coloring pictures. She can take a blank coloring page and turn it to something so very beautiful! She will spend a long time on one picture and give it her best, very creative and loves pretty things. Mailee is always ready and willing to meet new people. She is my little social butterfly. Mailee loves to play games and get in the action no matter what. God has blessed Mailee with a very tender heart. When someone is hurt she is there to comfort, and if it is one of her family members more than likely she will be crying with and or for them as well. I praise God for my little sweetheart Mailee Lynn Goldman.

Murren is my little perfectionist. She reminds me so much of my sister Jodi and her big brother Alex. She loves school and always gives her best! If Murren can not do something she will practice it till she can. Don't try to stop her. Nothing can be too hard for her. She has really fallen in love with math this year in school. Her reading is getting better and better too. In crowds she will stay close to me most of the time until she really feels comfortable. She is always wanting to help out in the kitchen too. She likes being a helper and like I said gives her best when she is helping.

Just wanted to thank God for these little girls that are growing up so quickly! I am blessed beyond measure! I pray they would grow in their love for their heavenly Father with ever year to come. May they be virtuous women and serve Him in His kingdom here on earth!

This picture was one Anna took yesterday of them when they were playing a princess game. She forgot to do their hair...HA oh well....Still cuties anyway!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

We had a great trip!

There was a bit of a mix up in my last post. "We" were not entering the band contest this year...we won it last year and part of the prize was getting to go back this year and get paid for performing. So thanks for the encouragement but we did not win...oh we did not place at all..not even last HA ! Love ya all! We got our name on a bluegrass t-shirt too!! After all these festival finally they put the band names that were performing on the shirt...HA Our friends the Dewgrass family got sick so we did not see them, that was a bummer.
All in all we had a great time. Trips are fun, and seeing the world is great, so many pretty places God made. We missed one turn on the way there, so our 5/12 hour trip turned into a 7 hour trip. But we got it right on the way home! I think we need to carry our road atlas in the van from now on! Steve and I agree on that now! LOL
Below are some funny pictures of William. This is what we do while sitting and listening to a band we don't like that much at the festivals! HA

That's all Folks!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Packing Up!

Well, today I have been packing up the trailer for the last Bluegrass festival this year. We are leaving tomorrow for Tygh Valley (about 51/2 hours away) Last year we went there and won 1st place in the band contest. This year we are being paid more to come back and play! Lord willing sell some DVD's too. The kids are happy to be off again. It is a bit colder there so I am bringing coats and lots of blankets...the heater in the trailer works well thank goodness!. Our friends, Dewgrass Family band are going to enter the band contest this year, and I know they will win! So, double bonus...we get to see them again too. We will see some of our other favorite people we always see at these festivals as well. Wish we had more family into bluegrass music to come with us!!! HA
Everyone have a great weekend Love to all!! Bye

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morning Choice

This morning I was thinking as I woke up with the nausea (again) "I have a choice". Do I want to enjoy today or be miserable and not enjoy this day? Is it a frown I want or a smile?

Yesterday, I was not doing so well either (sounds like a lot of complaining huh?'s ALL worth it in the end, I would do more if it meant I get to have a baby in my arms :) !!! Anyway, yesterday I was feeling yucky in the afternoon, but when I got to the church for the class there was Kenny smiling (brat, HA). There all the kids were happy as can be, smiling. Liisa walked in and smiled bigger then I have ever seen her smile..that's it! Jodi was late to class but yep, she was still smiling. Oh boy, how terrible, am I the only grouch here? Well, it took me awhile but I remembered how much more pleasing it is to see a smile on someones face then a frown. When I walked into the church Kenny noticed right away that I was not happy or feeling good. That was not controlling my emotions. I know better than that. My dad and mom (especially my dad) always said that we did not need to let everyone else know that we were sad or grumpy. Control your emotions! In different ways he would remind us and let us know, get over yourself and care more about others. When you force a smile it does make you feel better and somehow does change a grumpy attitude! Love is an action not a feeling! My Dad said he wished God would have put tails on people so we would all know when others were happy by their wagging tails. So many people never let you know they are happy. It is good to show your joy to others. This is so important with kids, with husbands with friends, show love by a smile. This is the thought I had today. I pray I can do this as I am wanting and smile to others and make them happy!! By the way have a happy day today!!! AND SMILE ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Time

Well, we have really done it! Thanks to Grandma Dot for buying all those books and curriculum and I do mean ALL...there was a lot. I still am waiting for some stuff but most of it is here. The kids are very excited. And Alex is in heaven with all he is learning in the Omnibus class with Kenny. That has been "the best thing he has ever done or learned" his quote...which I was shocked about, cause what about music. Anyway he is happy. Mailee and Murren loved going to Vickie's yesterday, and both have lots of good to say about that. Speech class is going to be wonderful. The kids are jazzed about that, they just have not chosen what they are going to speak on. The writing class with all the kids was great. I got to be in the group with Esther, Cassie and Mercy. They did wonderful and I am very proud of them. They are all so ready and willing to learn. It is scary a bit because as you have probably seen I am not the greatest writer in the world. Alright you can STOP laughing now! There is great news though, it's a video and the guy teaches the class. And the other great thing is God can use anyone or anything (even a donkey right) if we are but willing to try. And I am trying. I know I know the donkey is pretty funny. All this to say if you think of it pray for us all starting school again.

Last night we had a womens meeting. We get together to pray and talk about wife roles, child rearing, or school stuff. It was really good. We are reading this book by R.C Sproul Jr. called "When You Rise Up". It is was reminding us the most important thing about school is what they are being raised up for. "This is our goal---raising God-glorifying children, rather than raising responsible citizens who can manage to get along with the world around them." It is so much more than just learning book knowledge and getting by. I want my kids to change the world, bring Jesus Christ glory and serve Him as the walk through their entire life. If they have that for a goal I will be blessed, and humbled too. It is fun to see them learn in knowledge true, but I really want them to show the fruits of the spirit, follow His laws, love others and to bring God Almighty all praise in whatever they do in their future stations of life!
May their lives bring Him all honor and may this year be filled with fun. :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Aunt Ginger

Well, I missed her real birthday but I still want to say a little about my Aunt Ginger and how wonderful she is. Thanks Aunt Ginger for being a good mother to your children, a great sister to your family and a loving daughter to your parents. I know you went through some hard times but you were always faithful to do the best you could and give all you had for your children. I had some fun times at your house too. Although I know Jason and I did scare you when we went to the Alabama concert and failed to call and let you know...gone for hours when all we told you was we were going to the store to get some milk...oops sorry about that! You were forgiving then thanks. It has been a real joy to get to know you more and more the older I get. You have a super-de-duper husband (Yes you Uncle John) and you two are great grandparents to the grandkids God has given you. My children love you very much, and Alex will keep bending down when he stands next to you (you really are looking taller HA!) Thanks for the encouragement you give our family in our music. It is such a blessing knowing our family loves us and supports and it's awesome that you come and watch us at the growers market when you are in town visiting. And at times it's so hot and the same songs over and over! Anyway, there is a lot to say about my Aunt Ginger, I am thankful God has given her to this you happy belated birthday Aunt Ginger

Friday, September 7, 2007

Rest area on our way to Tillamook Oregon

We stopped at this rest area on the way up to the last Bluegrass festival we just went to "Moograss" it was pretty. Travis would probably know which one if I had a little more information. He is really good about all that stuff.
Many of the kids matched with red shirts...oh how cute...that was not planned! LOL
You may wonder where Steve is in these pictures??? He was in the van scrubbing some horrible smell that was making me VERY sick! He is soooooooo awesome. I think he spent almost 2 hours getting the smell out...That's love! By the way he did get that smell out Praise God. I spent the first 4 or so hours wanting to jump out of that van...ha...well I spent it sniffing my hands that had lotion on them. Ha