Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work Training Time

Steve was fixing our riding lawnmower and Jeb needed to learn a few things! So super daddy put on the front pack and went to work! Jebediah is getting really old now....3 months!!! I mean really.....Don't you think it is time that he carries his own weight??....silly I know. But Steve was sweet to take him while I cooked dinner the other day. After a half an hour or so Steve came in holding his lower back and waddling (like me when I am pregnant) and saying ahhh get this boy off back hurts!! He is soooooo funny!!!! What can I say this daddy loves his boy! And I love this daddy and this boy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Mom ever!

We have been posting about our travels, music and the fun we have been having....but have we mentioned enough who has been so awesome as to take us, spend time with us, spoil us, and help us have the great summer we could ever post about? Of course not, no one can ever talk too much about Grandma Dot...Now you must realize that when we say Grandma Dot, that is and all encompassing name for Grandma Dot AND Grandpa Ken!!! For we all know he is the one working so faithfully at home and NEVER complains at his wifes generosity!

Collin watching the ipod. Better be related to music, history or God...HA

Alex writing a song.....I am sure it will be good
Anyway, here some pictures from the motel....of course the instruments, ipods and swimming was involved. The kids (Alex, Collin and Anna) had their own room and stayed up writing songs and learning new songs and visiting.

Heading for some food!!!! Muscle man Alex is so helpful!

Grandma Dot never wants pictures but she is sooooooo cute!!!

So yes we had a fun time at the Mexican restaurant before we got home!!! Always, I love Mexican Food....they can sure cook!!!!!! Not to mention the yummy strawberry daiquiri drinks!

Someday I pray I can be half the women my mom (Grandma Dot) is to my children, and Grandchildren....only because wishing to be the "whole" women my mom is would be crazy and sort of unreachable!!!!! So all this to say here is the whole picture, we have been so blessed, God is awesome....hey have I said that before?? HA

I pray your summer has been good too.....we are totally looking forward to spending some time with Aunt Ginger, Uncle John, Troy and Heather and their family and more time with the rest of the family! Oh I will post some pictures soon of Aunt Vickie and her pool...we had soooo much fun there too. Right now I need to go make dinner.

Friday, July 18, 2008


How could I be so blessed as to have my dreams come true???
Before Steve and I were married (by the way that was 16yrs and 7 days ago on the 11th) we talked about, yes we dreamed about a few kids and playing music with them together to glorify our Lord! oh my God answers our simple dreams sometimes!! I was blessed, and honored to be on the same stage with our children...especially Alex, Collin and Anna Last weekend at the Prospect Bluegrass festival 2008!! Though for me, and my skill level it was humbleing ....I don't want any was AWESOME to be at a festivel with these kids as our band!!! These kids are amazing, and a blast to work with!
Guidance, direction, His Name Glorified and continual help I seek for the future! Thank you Lord for your direction in advance! May our talents bless you as you have given them to us!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Collin!!!!!

Handsome, Funny, Sweet, Kind, Giving, Gentle, Warrior-like, God loving, and (p.s. Alex said...ummm not you)

Happy B--Day my wonderful second born son...Collin James Goldman!! I love you sooooo much! Follow Jesus, love Him and be all He wants you to be!

I love to play games with you, getting you wet in water fights, hurting from the scratches you give in games of "mercy", playing cards and any other fun thing in our house oh yes it ALWAYS has you as a part of the fun! Because you are FUN!!!!! And as your crazy mom I love that, FUN. LOVE YA Happy 14th Birthday

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Follow Up / Up Date

Goldman Kids!

God is Good! The 4th was busy and different but still it was nice. We went to Ashland in the afternoon because Alex was playing with the new group that hired him...Emy Phelps, it was a great set. I was so very happy for him, and I feel he did a wonderful job. After the show we came home, packed and headed to Grandma Dot's and then off to Fossil, Oregon for a bluegrass festival.
The lady (who wanted to go in the Ashland parade with nothing on) I mentioned before in the below post, was not to be seen by our eyes....Praise God! That was one of the highlights of the day..HA
It's hard to believe life is flying by as fast as it is! The kids are growing up lightning speed. But through it all I am enjoying life, loving the kids and very proud of my husband who works hard all the time and loves me so sweet!!!!!
Tomorrow I must pack for our three day Prospect Bluegrass Festival. I am excited and nervous. I am praying about our upcoming performance...Father, You Lord be glorified completely, bless those who hear us and touch your people and use us. Please draw your people close to you!!!
Hope life is awesome for all you....Blessings!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please Pray For America! Pray for Ashland Oregon!!

Below I copied and pasted an artical from our local paper the "Mail Tribune" (that's here around Medford, Oregon). What an eye opener...God please help us, the wicked are a lost, many and confused people!

The Ashland woman who created a stir over her plan to skate in a G-string in the city's July 4 parade now says she'll take part wearing a bikini.

"It's not that I like it, but I'm being realistic," said Jen Moss. "I figured it would probably happen."

Moss, 33, placed an online ad last month asking for people to accompany her in the parade as she skated along its route in only a G-string. When parade organizers found out, they said they'd bar her from taking part. Moss later told the Mail Tribune she'd wear the G-string but stay on the sidewalk.

Now, however, she said she's decided to take part in the bikini. She expects about 10 people to walk and bike alongside her, beating drums and holding signs of peace. She said parade organizers told her she could be part of the parade as long as she's clothed.

"It's unfortunate that on the day Americans are celebrating their civil liberties, mine are being taken away," she said.

Moss became known as "The Pastie Lady" and "The Naked Lady" after she began appearing nearly nude in public. She has said she is trying to draw attention to causes including the environment and peace.

— Ashland Daily Tidings


So what is the 4th of July about?????????

Be with me in prayer for the nation on the 4th, 2008!!!