Monday, May 26, 2008

William makes me smile! (Makes Kenny crazy)

I went outside with Will a few days ago and just started taking pictures, he hammed it up!! Here are a few. Hope you like 'em...oh and remember to love and enjoy those how you love!!! Life is short and unexpected at times. I have learned the absolute truth of the wise words all those older people I met always say to me....."those kids will grow up fast, love and enjoy them now!!!"

Will has been so cute with Jeb, he loves him so much...a wonderful big brother! Today he wanted to hold him a few times already. I am so proud at the love he is showing his little brother. I know that children can and should love their siblings, there is no need to have jealousy or fights all the time! I believe we need to make it an important point to teach them to love and adore their family. Anyway, Will said he needed to teach Jeb how to sit up, jump on the bed, swim, and not poop in his pants (diaper). He also wanted to celebrate their birthday today, because he does not want to wait a whole year to have a party with his brother. I had to decline on this desire. Life is tough sometimes! HA What a blessing to have children that love each other.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Vickie and Breanna

Two wonderful girls have their birthday today!

Aunt Vickie has been such a fun loving, giving and awesome Aunt to me all my growing up! I have spent many nights at her house, staying up playing cards, watching a movie eating popcorn, or going out and having fun. She has been so good to our family, and has been awesome now with the younger kids teaching them every Wednesday. They love her as much as I do...which is understandable!! :) Happy birthday Vickie, I love you (This is a picture I took of her and Travis yesterday)

Breanna is a sweet little thing! She seems to always be smiling and enjoying life. The love of Jesus shines in her life! She is so much fun for the kids to be around, she loves to play and dance around. I do wish she lived closer so we could spend more time with her....but when we do see her we love her to death!! Happy Birthday Breanna!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who spilled the.....? Who did...?

The never ending and most frequently asked question around the house "Who spilled the..... or "who did or took the....."? The blame is always put upon "Mr. I don't know" he is always a constant invisible friend in our house! Oh him and his cousin "Not me", well if ever I find them two invisible people am gonna let 'em have it!!! I really am tired of "I don't know" and "not me", what mean people! :) Just thought I would share that bit of info!

quote from 5 minutes ago in the kitchen:
Collin: Who spilled the mayonnaise?
Girls: I don't know
Collin Who did it?
Girls: Not me
Collin yells outside: who spilled the mayonnaise?
No response....
Collin: Someone did it....ahhhhh....he cleans it up.

Moral of the story Collin is sweet and don't cry over spilled mayo cause it's pretty easy to clean up and get on with life! :)
p.s. I know someone had to spill it, but we are working on that! For now just smile at the life of the Goldman's, in a house of 8 children and mayo on the floor!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

My wonderful sister-in-law's her day today!!! How I love her, oh yes! I wish we could be there to celebrate her day! Heather has been an example to me of a diligent, godly, faithful, loyal women of God! When I think of someone who can overcome and will be willing to lay down her own wishes and follow after Christ I think of Heather! What an amazing girl! Listening and knowing her kids you find out quickly she loves to spend time teaching and training them...they are so smart! Her husband ( my awesome big brother Troy) loves her to death and they are a great couple!
Heather I hope you have a terrific day! I love you very, very much! Happy birthday beautiful!!!!

Heather I love you very much

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just some cute pictures

Murren Jeb and Mailee

Will, Jeb, Anna and Murren

Funny Collin

Jeb, Daddy and Cassie

Will, Jeb and Collin

Mailee Lynn

Jebediah Victor

Cousin Mercy and Jeb

Tugg Boat --- Will


Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

I feel so completely blessed by the Lord! I have 8 awesome kids, a terrific husband, the sun is bright and the weather is hot! :) Could life be any better. God has taught me so much with this birth of Jeb....and all the after birth issues. He is a great God and soooo worthy to be praised! How I love Him! How easy it is to forget why we are here and what we were created for. We are all here for Him AND HIS GLORY! Here I thought I was strong, tough and able to withstand pain and scary things, HA. I found that I can do nothing on my own, without Him I am utterly useless. Oh, but the way the Father encompassed me in my need, I am humbled and so glad. What is fear? I see now fear outside Him is useless, no need for it, no place for it. I want to remain in the bubble of His care, in that I am safe, Praise Him! Just random pictures and random thoughts. God bless you all!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Compare kids...funny

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jeb's 1st Bath

Jeb likes to be have a bath. The first thing he did was pee in the water.....hummmm. Anyway, after that bit of relaxation he just kicked back and enjoyed himself. He clean ans smells great!
Now I can sit and stare at a clean baby....Ha! What a blessing, I love him so much! God is AWESOME!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

William John is 5 years old!

Our Tugg Boat is not the youngest in the family anymore and he is a whole 5 years old! Wow, he is getting big! Yesterday was Will's birthday day but we will be having a party for him on Wednesday (because I am not to get up yet, so he has to wait....but he says it's OK). Steve picked him and the twins up from Vickie yesterday and brought him home to be with the family on his day. They played scoocer out in the back yard and then after dinner we watched his favorite movie 'Cars' and had ice cream and some brownies Anna made. It was nice...although he wanted to go back to Vickie's it was too late. Maybe today he can return.
The very cute birthday crown he is wearing is from his sisters (Aunt Vickie helped them make it). We are so blessed to have Will, he is full of life and brings much joy to our home! He loves to play and really loves his family. We praise God for our little man Will!