Monday, December 29, 2008

Twin birthdays...huh...Just a few years apart!!!! HA Happy B-day Uncle John and Ellie!!

Uncle John.
What would I do without him. He has made my life and the lives of my children so much better! A Servant-- he is always willing to help others, fixing things that are broken, and teaching others how to fix it themselves. He serves in many ways like helping get a boy to Omnibus class so he wouldn't have to ride his bike on a hot day (Alex was thankful)! Encouraging --- uplifting a certain family (us Goldman's) telling them they have such great talent, and that he knows he will see them on the Branson stage someday (if they ever get their act together and send some promo stuff) Loving --- full of big hugs, kisses and tickles to all the girls!!!!! He even has some left for the many boys that love him too! Fun --- he is sure to make unforgetable memories and have fun with a truckload of kids up here in Oregon when he visits. He amazingly takes the time to go all out and spoil two 'old girls' who love it (Jodi and I). The list could on and on....but in short I LOVE YOU UNCLE JOHN! You are very special us all and especially to me! Have a happy next year.

'Funny' Niece Ellie
POP! Our secret hand shake! Oh, I love you soooo much! You have such a gift of joy and life! You could make a sour old lemon smile! That is amazing. You are a great encourger to others...hey, you share that with your birthday twin Uncle John! I am so proud of the girl you are becoming. A virtuous women of God. Your husband will be blessed foresure. Your wit, smile and love for others is so sweet! I love you and Happy birthday. P.S. Hurry home so we can Party...Oh yeah!!!


Vickie said...

Yes Happy Birthday to two very special people. Love you both...

Ginger said... have such a way with words for two very special people in our lives. You are wonderful to post such a great tribute to each. Love you lots and lots.

Grandma of Many said...

Happy Birthday to John and Ellie. I agree, two wonderful special people to write about and oh, God has given you the words to express Tami. It is hard to follow up on your posts. I just say amen and amen. Love you, Mom

John said...

I agree with your Mom. When you can make me sound good from little stuff that happened a year ago, it's obvious that you are a fantastic writer and were given the gift of writing from your heart. Not many people can do that as well as you can. But thank you for your kind words.