Friday, November 14, 2008

Belated but still Beloved! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Girls

Kaylee my little niece is growing up quickly. Born on mom's birthday she turned two yesterday. She is a princess and a beautiful girl. I wish we could have been together for her birthday, but our loves and prayers are with you sweetie. Love you Kalee. I know you are going to enjoy your new little brother Ethan. Teach him to love Jesus and others like you do!

Mom, she is the one of the greatest gifts to us all! My mom has given, sacrificed, served, loved, and overcome so willingly her whole life! She loves dad and honors him with all her might. She loves the Lord and prays for her kids and grandkids often...very often I am sure! My mom encourages so much to us all, infact she believes in us more then I think she should...but we love it right (everyone). As I always say I hope to be as awesome as her someday! The older I get the more of a best friend she is to me....and she has always been my best friend. I love to be with her, just talking or driving, just learning for her is wonderful. Happy birthday are the BEST and I Love you MOST!

Liisa had her birthday a few days ago the 9th....ooops. Not that I forgot, just did not post yet, and she is worth a post! She is a wonderful sister-in-law and friend. She is supportive of her husband and stands by him in whatever he says or does. Liisa definitly loves her kids. Shes taught them well to Love the Lord. I am very blessed to have Liisa in my life, as well as in our family. Liisa cooks fabulous, cleans emaculate, cares tenderly, loves people with a pure heart of care. I love you sis! Happy belated B-day!


Grandma of Many said...

Thank you Tami. You are always so kind and such a great writer, always giving God the glory. I, too, say Happy Birthday to Kaylee and Liisa. I agree with what you said about them. Thanks for the kind words you said about your mother and I love you too. Thanks for the great time yesterday with breakfast, you and Jodi hanging my pictures, and for the wonderful party. It will be a treasured memory for me. Love, Mom

Ginger said...

Great post as always Tami!!! Your Mom is precious, Kaylee a cutie and Liisa oh so sweet! Happy Birthday to all three of them!!!