Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Park Fun Yesterday

Mailee Lynn, Murren took this picture...very good huh.

Mailee and Murren

Mailee Lynn 8 yrs.old

Murren Elizabeth 8yrs. old

William John 5 yrs. old

Who is posing these crazy people?

William with those tough looking glasses, or is he the tough guy?

Murren and Mailee....get ready!

Mailee and Murren

Jebediah....I think this is the first time he has ever swung in a swing! He liked it.

Group shot! I had to run fast to get up there before the picture went off...scary for an old lady like me.

Jeb and Will best buddies!!!!

Murren, Will, Jeb and Mailee

Yesterday, after I dropped off the older kids at workman class, I surprised the little ones. I took them to the store, bought root beer and pretzels and went to the park. It was fun and they were very surprised. It's fun surprising kids. I had my camera....and as you can see I used it!! LOL It was very pretty out yesterday, and today its raining. Crazy deal.


Grandma of Many said...

These are so cute. What a great looking family. I loved everyone of them. Thanks for sharing the post. Love you, Mom

Vickie said...

Those are such wonderful pictures. They sure look like they were having fun. Thanks for sharing them with us and love you all....

Ginger said...

That was a fun surprise for the kids and by the looks of it everyone had a great time....and everyone looked so colorful! Jeb looked like a little bumble bee "Grin"...fitting since you were at the park. The twins looking as cute as ever and William is just a cutie!!

Anna Louise Goldman said...

That's looks fun.