Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Destiny!

Sweet as a rose! Fun as a toy! Smart as a genius! Funny as a tickle! Crafty as a fox!
MY NIECE Destiny had her 15th b-day today! I love her tons and tons!
It was great to be a part of Destiny's birthday today. First....Anna and I went to the mall with her and Jodi and we all had fun. Little shopping, little chocolate, little food, little laughing...oh yes! We could have spent a week together and not gotten bored or felt ready to stop. But, we could not do that so the quick trip had to suffice. :)
Second, this evening we had a great time going to a concert with all the kids. Do I reveal we (Jodi and I) took all our kids in her van? No, I won't say that. We met Liisa and her kids, it was awesome. The fetured artist was Francesca Battistelli. Great singer...and from Nashville I might add. :) I loved the others who opened for her. Logan and Jessica. (Check the younger generations blog to see more details...of names and stuff....I just loved their music.) It was great to have the Deems come too. God was gloified and His name praised tonight!

Destiny is an inspiration to the younger kids (older kids too). She is very talented. She loves God with all her heart. It's been amazing to see her talents flourish this past year! Her singing, her sewing, her drawing, her artsy-self has blossomed for sure!!!! I do just love the girl....I can't help it!!! She's so much like Jodi, yet so different, its cool.
To make this post even better, you should know...tomorrow we get to go and celebrate her birth some more at the ice skating rink...thanks to Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken. Stay tuned for more pics.

Happy Birthday Destiny I love you!!!


Miss Carmaan said...

Hi! Love this post about our neice, Destiny. Yes, she is such a wonderful, sweet, young lady. Thanks for recognizing her special day! You all did so much to make it so fun and memorable, too. WOW! I'm sure she was loving it!
We miss being there and sharing in all of these kinds of things...
Love, Carmaan and family

David Kruse said...

Yeah, Happy Birthday Destiny!
Thanks for this lovely post Aunt Tami.
I also wanted to say that it wouldn't have been half the fun if you weren't there last night. You always make it a party.

(It was quite cozy in the van too)

Vickie said...

Nice post Tami and Happy Birthday Destiny...

Grandma of Many said...

Tami, Thanks for the beautiful picture of Destiny and the wonderful words you said. You always know exactly what to say. I sure missed being at her birthday but thought about her a lot. I was there in spirit. Happy Birthday again Des!