Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!

We had a wonderful party for the Twins last night. They played awhile in the park, had the yummy cake and received tons of presents. After all that we headed over to the movie, "Fireproof". We (as always) took many rows in the theater....crazy! Mom ordered 10 large popcorn bags (one popcorn to every three people) the lady was a bit shocked....then when mom ordered 20 bottled waters the lady said, "Are you serious?" That was funny, and yes, mom was serious! Good news though, they gave us a crate to tote all the waters. :)
Thanks to all who came to the party and for the gifts.
I love you twins so much! We are very proud of what God is doing in your lives. Your doing so AWESOME in school and we are blessed by you both.

Pretty baby dolls from Grandma Dot...along with the new wardrobe of very cute clothes.

Before the party the big kids enjoy the playground too.

So many sweet cards and they love those kind words.

The long awaited Bibles. Mailee and Murren are constantly taking my Bible and reading it, they love to read the Bible in the morning with their daddy. So they were very excited to get there own! (I am happy too, now I can have mine back...HA) I even found a pink and a (we call it purple) one.

Devin and Collin....Boys, I know it's a big slide but YOU CAN DO IT!!
Swinging birthday girls.
Murren and Mailee 8 years old as of today!

They each secretly made a craft for eachother and....yep it was the same! That was pretty funny. Seeing as how the craft book of ideas is over 200 pages. They must be twins.....ummmm.
The girls have learned to tell Aunt Liisa got them real watches.


David Kruse said...

Happy Birthday you two!

In Christ,

Vickie said...

Sounds like you twinsies had a great Birthday. I can't believe you are 8 cause when Travis and I moved here you were just 5. Time sure does fly by fast. Love you both so much Mailee & Murren and Happy Birthday to you both...

Grandma of Many said...

I commented on the other site but I still wanted to say Happy Birthday again. You two are so sweet and I love you more than words can tell. What great pictures and a recap of their birthday Tami - thanks for sharing. Love, Mom (Grandma Dot)