Monday, September 29, 2008

Thoughts, Time with God

God has been dealing with me lately. Is He is a great God or what! When He wants to teach me something, He uses a million different ways to do it....could that be because I have a thick head, or I'm not listening good? Oh Lord help me! I am blessed He has called me and saved me, and wants to help me grow! This time it's good.....O.K. it's always good! I know He could hit me over the head each second, I have so much to learn. Slowly though He molds me and shapes me.

It started with a little jealousy again, ohhh yes, I have a big problem with that. (Confession time? No...just truth) In my agony I was reminded by Jodi and past prayers, God is my only comfort in this. I can not look to Steve for my assurance, true happiness. He is a man, sinner, and not God (God is only perfect). I love Steve so much, but he WILL fail me and if I look to him and not Christ he will not fulfill. I will end up sad, lonely, bitter and completely lost. Christ can fulfill my hearts desires, and only He can comfort completely. Have a close personal walk with Jesus! Daily read the Bible and pray to Him.

Then, we went and saw the movie "Fire Proof" if you have seen it you'll understand, if not you need to! God can help us, He is our strength.

Next we went to a bridal shower. Nathan and Colleen, wonderful Christian speech friends we know in Grants Pass. Anyway, an elderly lady shared at the shower and spoke the words...look to Christ not your husband for total fulfilment. You love your man, but he WILL fail you at some point, BUT Jesus will never fail you. Ahhh. I remember that I learned those thoughts many years ago. Study the Bible, have personal time with God. He is my best friend, my ever thought throughout my daily doings? Study the Word and Pray daily.

Then taking with Anna...she had an issue come up with friends/cousins and gossip. She was hurt and thought wrong was being thought and said of her. She joined in and as gossip works it grows very quickly. Again, friends/cousins will fail you, family will fail you....all are human and sinful! I told her....Honey look to Christ, study the Word, pray and He can fulfill your needs and comfort you in times of trouble.

OK, I know God you love me, I love you too thanks for the patience you show me. Thanks for reminding me over and over again when I fail to remember on my own. I know I need to show you in action as well as feelings my love for you. Reading Your Word and praying to you. I will study and pray and build our relationship stronger, Father help me. How exciting.

Just thought I would share this little bit of 'Tami learning' :)
God is Great and God is AWESOME!! Remember to study and pray and have the relationship with Him. I needed this reminder so much in my busy life.

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Grandma of Many said...

Tami - thank you for being so open and sharing your thoughts and times with God. How true it is about the comments you made. We all need to go to the Father all the time and He will never fail us. Many times failing with people can just be misunderstandings so it is good to go and talk with the person but our ultimate answer is in Him. Where would any of us be without our time with God. I was listening to the new post Kenny put on of the man doing a dramatized quoting of the Psalms. You can see the anguish that David had and how much he turned to His heavenly Father. Once again, thanks for making all who read this post realize that God will never fail us and that is who we should always turn to first. Love, Mom